Construction Stuff

Marble window sill, stone molding, door surround, columns, handrail & baluster, mosaic and medallion, the perfect combination between the stone craftwork and geometry design will be found after decoration, which is in fashion to be used in edifice, hotel or courtyard today.

BSS has introduced granite and marble columns, pillars, balustrades, mosaic & medallion, door surround, window surround, stone molding, blue limestone products for your building. Our display collection is inspired by the antique architecture and made with the best pure marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone. Please contact us for quotation!

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stone columns ramon columns marble columns marble balusterade stone balusters marble mosaics and medallions
Column Baluster Mosaic & Medallion
marble door surround stone door pocket stone window surround marble window sill stone lines stone molding
Door Surround Window Sill Stone molding
blue limestone from China project reference  
Blue limestone Project Reference